Want to know exactly what we do for clients? You're in luck.

Our Project Process

Not everyone has used outsourced copywriters—but once the relationship begins, so does the efficiency. We meet your content and communications needs at a fraction of the time and cost of doing it yourself, with a tried and trusted process.

Scope and costing

First, we’ll ask a few simple questions about your job, the project, your company and the deliverables you need. We’ll share an itemised costing with you, so you know what to expect and the relative costs for each part of the job

Brief and timeline

Once you’re happy with the costs, we’ll help you create a brief if you need help clarifying the job. We’ll make sure we have all the information and contacts we need to get on with the work and that the deliverables will match up to your expectations.

Commencement and updates

You’ll receive regular updates to explain what we’ve done, and how we’re getting on. We can connect with you on the channel of your choice—clients add us to their project teams on Teams, Asana, Slack, Miro, Figma, and more.

First draft and reviews

The first draft can be presented to you in person, over a video call, or we can give you a written justification to frame our thinking. This is where we can clarify the big questions of structure, tone and content.

Second draft and reviews

The second draft will cover all the questions raised in the brief, and resolve any questions from your review. For most clients, this is all you’ll need.

Final proof

If needed, we’ll provide you with a third draft that gives you a final polish, perfecting and proofreading your copy to a publishable standard.

Sign off

Once you’re 100% happy with your copy, we’ll send you the invoice as agreed.

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