Soap. It’s a one-dimensional product for the majority of men. But what they don’t know is that there’s another world of soap out there. Soap that’s made using natural ingredients, in the traditional ways that modern factory production tends to ignore. Natural means more sustainable too, both in terms of sourcing and the effect on the environment during and after use. 

SCRUBD founder Mark Helvadjian invited us to help craft the copy for his new brand—an update on artisanal soaps for men. With the name and visual branding established already, we worked directly with him to create and finesse the copy for his website, ecommerce and launch products. 

SCRUBD launched in 2017 and has found a fascinating niche as a premium grooming product for men, winning multiple awards and nominations, as well as being featured in magazines and newspapers. The brand launch won Bronze at the 2018 Pentawards.